Hi and welcome to my first ever blog! I am a twenty-something, English Literature graduate who teaches English as a foreign language. My book blog will mainly consist of female writers (my favourites being Angela Carter, Margaret Atwood and Simone de Beauvoir). I am particularly interested in feminism – it’s history and relevance today – and how feminist ideas are explored through the medium of fiction. However, sometimes I will read and blog about some key feminist texts (such as Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex and Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch, both of these have been gathering dust on my never-ending ‘To Be Read’ pile!).

I also have some specific goals for this blog, which I will set out here:

  • To read all of the works by Angela Carter.
  • To read all of the works by Margaret Atwood.
  • To read all of the Persephone Books collection – a small London publishing company that has reprinted over 100 neglected fiction and non-fiction books by twentieth-century female writers.
  • To read all of the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction winners from 1996 to the present.

Along with my towering ‘To Be Read’ pile I am sure these goals will be more than enough to be getting on with! I would also like to include on this blog any literary-related posts to any exhibitions, theatre productions or places I have been to.

I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Well, hello fellow Atwood fan! Thanks for following my blog and I’m sure to follow you, there is quite a community of female bloggers here 🙂

    If you don’t mind a suggestion, being a feminist and an English literature graduate, I highly suggest you Kate Atkinson’s works especially “Life After Life” and “Behind the Scenes at the Musem”.

    Oh and keep me posted on reading Carter’s “Nights at the Circus” because I recently watched “Company of Wolves” (1984) and feel like exploring her work.

    1. Hi Elena! Thanks for following my blog too, I have only just started it! Thanks for the suggestion, for some reason I have never come across Kate Atkinson’s work before but I will definitely try those books out when I get the chance.

      I have read ‘Nights at the Circus’ twice before and studied it for my dissertation (along with ‘The Bloody Chamber’ where I also watched ‘Company of Wolves’ – I found it such a strange film!). You should definitely explore her work, she is one of my favourite authors. Some of her work is quite outrageous and controversial from certain feminist perspectives. I’m not sure how far I agree with some of her views expressed in ‘The Sadeian Woman’, for example, though I have only read sections of it, but I admire her for not being afraid to express herself as everyone interprets feminism in different ways.

      Keep me updated if you do decide to read some Carter!

  2. I’m about to read my first book by Atwood (The Handmaiden’s Tale) and have recently become interested in feminism as well, thanks to Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman, so I’m excited to read about both Atwood and feminism on your blog. Thanks for following 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks for following me too! I still have so much Atwood to read but I think she is such a fascinating and unique writer, I look forward to reading your thoughts on The Handmaid’s Tale. I have never read Caitlin Moran’s book but I do have a copy of it somewhere so will definitely get around to reading that at some point – it must be a good book if it has got you interested in feminism!

  3. I’ve just stumbled across your blog, and I love how insightful your reviews are. I hadn’t heard of the talks going on in London around International Women’s Day, but I’m so glad you enjoyed them!

  4. I’m not sure if she’s on your radar, but you should most definitely read Marge Piercy’s Woman on the Edge of Time and if you can read it around the same time you re-read The Handmaid’s Tale. You’ll find them fascinating especially in juxtaposition to each other. (I also need to FINALLY finish reading The Second Sex, it’s been on my bookshelf since grad school.)

    1. I have never heard of Marge Piercy’s novel, it sounds fascinating though. I will be ordering that later! I, too, need to finish The Second Sex. I have read excerpts before and started to read it from the beginning a couple of months ago but haven’t looked at it in a while!

  5. Really glad I’ve found this blog, great idea and love what I’ve read so far. Looking forward to reading much more!

  6. Wow, I’ve never heard of the Persephone Books collection, it sounds amazing! Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. I’m going to look it up.

    Thanks for following my blog, I’m going to have a look at some of your posts. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I haven’t written anything in a while but I am just getting into blogging again so there will be more posts soon. I really appreciate the nomination (sorry for replying so late)!

  7. Dear Yasmine,

    I stumbled across your blog while doing a cursory Google search of my name and was so pleased to see that you’ve not only read The Queen of Statue Square but liked my story! It really made my week. Thank you so much for the review.


    1. You are very welcome! I can still vividly remember the setting you created of the grave-sweeper, it was a pleasure to read!

  8. Hi! Thanks for liking my blog post – I’m really glad to have discovered your blog. You seem to have a very similar taste in books to me (your most recent reviews are all on my TBR pile!). Looking forward to reading more 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! I have made a note to bookmark your blog and I’m looking forward to exploring the books you have reviewed!

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