December Recap & 2016 Reading Projects!

Dec 2015

It seems that my December has been swept up in Ferrante fever! I raced through the remaining three books in the Neapolitan series and I’m still wondering about Elena and Lila as if I knew them personally. In between these books (and Christmas) I also managed to see a couple of exhibitions that I was really excited about and didn’t want to miss whilst in London. The first was by the dissident artist Ai Weiwei at The Royal Academy and the second was Big Bang Data at Somerset House. What was even more wonderful about these exhibitions was that I had never been to either of these places before and they were beautiful! At the beginning of the month I saw a fantastic production of Jane Eyre at the National Theatre. It was truly stunning – the actors were incredible and the woman who played Mr Rochester’s first wife (aka ‘the mad woman in the attic’) had a hauntingly atmospheric voice as she sang throughout the production. I recommend everyone to try and get hold of some tickets before it closes on 10th January! The friend I went with also introduced me to Popshot Magazine, which focuses on contemporary prose and poetry with some beautiful illustrations dotted throughout.

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  • The Pankhursts: The History of One Radical Family by Martin Pugh

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2016 Reading Projects:


As 2015 is coming to an end it’s time to look forward to new challenges! I’m not going to make any resolutions this year as they are always asking to be broken but instead I am going to partake in a couple of reading projects! The first, which I am really excited about, is Ali’s #Woolfalong. Although I have studied Virginia Woolf a few times during university, I haven’t taken the time to enjoy Woolf’s work on my own. Ali’s #Woolfalong is great because there is a lot of variety to choose from throughout the year and it will also be great to interact with fellow participators as I have always found Woolf’s writing to be quite challenging at times. I will start the project by reading To The Lighthouse as I have only studied it once before (as opposed to Mrs Dalloway, which I have studied numerous times).

2 (1)

Ali’s #Woolfalong has come at the perfect time as it fits quite nicely into the Women’s Classic Literature Event run by the Classics Club. I wrote a blog post here which outlines the main writers I will focus on.


The next challenge I want to have a go at is the TBR Triple Dog Dare over at James Reads Books. This means that I can’t buy or read any new books for the first three months of 2016. This will be good as it will force me to clear some of the books I have on my Kindle, though in these past few days I have been cheating a bit by buying quite a lot of new books on there! As I will be moving abroad again in just over a week, I want to try and curb my book-buying this time so that means getting to know and love my Kindle more!


The last challenge I will be taking part in is #ReadDiverse2016. I was gutted I missed #diversedecember which focused on raising the profile of BAME authors so I am glad to be able to question my reading habits in 2016 and read more diverse authors who aren’t as well publicised. There have been a wealth of recommendations all over Twitter this past month so I can’t wait to start!

I hope everyone has a happy New Year!


19 Replies to “December Recap & 2016 Reading Projects!”

  1. Oops, cat walked over the keyboard… Happy New Year to you too and look forward to reading your posts in 2016. I’m intrigued by the James Reads Books, thanks for the recommendation and will go and have a look at the post now!

    1. Haha, silly cat! The TBR Dare is more of a way to clear your TBR piles, the buying ban is more my own self-imposed rule!

      1. Haha! I have been finding that adding books to a wish list instead of buying them (as I would usually do) is helping, but as you said it’s still very early days!

    1. Happy new year too! I’m hoping the #Woolfalong will reinvigorate my interest in Virginia Woolf and it will be interesting reading what everyone else thinks of her work too.

  2. Isn’t it funny we were both blogging about Jane Eyre at the same time? It was stunning though. I hope you enjoy To The Lighthouse – we all found it soooo difficult when we studied it at A level.

  3. My partner loves Virginia Woolf. I can see that she is a great writer, but I don’t really like her. We have lots of fun with this debate in our house.

    Welcome to the TBR Dare by the way and thank you for plugging it here. It’s not a book buying ban, officially. You can still buy books, you just have to wait for April 1 to read them. You’re also allowed to change the rules to suit your own reading needs as long as you stay true to the overall idea of clearing your TBR shelves. Mine is an entire book case by the way.

    1. I always found Virginia Woolf difficult to read but when discussing and dissecting her work at uni she really came to life for me! Hopefully the #Woolfalong will encourage me to read more of her work!

      I’m hoping the TBR Dare will help me clear my Kindle, I have so many books on there but always opt for the real thing!

  4. Happy new year! Despite not wanting to make resolutions, this seems like quite a list of challenges. I’m very excited to see what you’ll end up reading for women’s classic literature.

    1. Happy new year to you too! Yes there are a lot of challenges but, aside from the Virginia Woolf one, they are all quite broad and open to a lot of variety!

  5. Ooo, so many tempting challenges! I was also gutted to miss #diversedecember so I’m definitely up for #ReadDiverse2016. Also, I may check out the #Woolfalong as I think you can never have too much Virginia Woolf in your TBR pile! 🙂

  6. I’m not on twitter much so I haven’t heard of #readdiverse2016 before your post! I do take part in Aarti’s Diversiverse and this year I’m joining Diversity on the Shelf by the Englishist. In case you’re interested!

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