Hong Kong!

IMG_2868I am so sorry for my absence on the blog recently! I have just moved to Hong Kong for the year to teach English as a foreign language and It has been crazy! I have been training for the past week (I will be teaching my first lesson tomorrow!) and I still have another week to go. Hopefully once I am settled in at my centre and become familiar with the syllabus I can start blogging again.


22 Replies to “Hong Kong!”

      1. Yeah, it’s been alright actually. I have training in the mainland in North Point but I am living in the New Territories. I don’t think it’s any busier than the London Underground in rush hour and the air con is amazing!

      2. I live in Tai Po and that is in the New Territories as well. Seems like you have already got really similar with the districts in Hong Kong!

      3. I’m living in Tai Po too!! What a coincidence! It’s a bit of a commute I to the island but I will be working in Tai Po soon.

      4. I haven’t yet! I have been training over in North Point so haven’t had time. I have this weekend off to explore a little bit though! What would you recommend?

    1. Thank you! Hopefully next week will be easier as I will be at my new centre which is close to home and I will have more time to sort out some blog posts!

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