#sunathon 21st-27th July Wrap-up!


Emma Louise‘s #sunathon has sadly come to an end, though it has been such a wonderful week full of sunshine and reading. I couldn’t have asked for a better readathon to experience for the first time. Not only did I find it an amazing way to push myself to read more than I would usually read in a week, but it also encouraged me to Tweet more. I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of book-bloggers and book-lovers out there – and how friendly and welcoming everyone was – and Emma’s #sunathon really highlighted this. She was also a brilliant host, making sure to retweet every single #sunathon tweet (there were loads!) and held daily competitions and regular Q&A sessions.

Now, onto the books! I managed to read almost all the books I set out to read in my original #sunathon post. I finished Eleanor Catton’s debut, The Rehearsal, yesterday so I am going to say that counts! Overall that is a total of 925 pages! I am usually lucky if I get through four books in a month so reading these four books in a week was a major achievement for me. Over the next couple of weeks I will start writing up my reviews. I am deliberately ahead in my reading (I usually read a book and post my thoughts straight after) because I am hoping to get some posts scheduled for my first month away in Hong Kong. I start work the day after I arrive so I think the first few weeks will be the most hectic, which means I probably won’t have much time to read let alone review (though I will make time to read and comment on other people’s blogs).


I really enjoyed all four of the books I chose to read. I think it really worked for me having a variety of fiction, non-fiction and prose/poems. The highlight has to be My Baby Shot Me Down, an anthology of ten new female writers published this year by Blinding Books. I have found some brilliant new writers, such as Rachael Smart – who has a wonderful blog, Offcuts, and whose writing reminds me of one of my favourite writers of all time, Angela Carter, though Rachael’s writing is brilliant in its own right – and Maggy van Eijk – whose poetry is amazing – amongst many others. The themes range from childhood and identity to relationships and sex in new and original ways. It truly is a refreshing read and I cannot recommend it enough (I will post a full ‘review’/thoughts soon!).

Thanks again to Emma for hosting. I look forward to her #fallathon in October!


6 Replies to “#sunathon 21st-27th July Wrap-up!”

  1. I feel so pleased you enjoyed My Baby Shot Me Down. Thanks for mentioning my blog, too. Your holiday snaps look lush. Enjoy the rest of the hols!

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