Angela Carter Week 8-15 June 2014!


I am so excited that Caroline (at Beauty is a Sleeping Cat) and Delia’s (at Postcards From Asia) Angela Carter Week has finally come around, lasting until the 15th June. Not only do I love Angela Carter, but this is the perfect opportunity to make some more progress on my personal project to read all of the work she produced in such a prolific, yet short, career as a writer.

I mentioned a while ago that I would like to read Carter’s work in order of publication, however, as I have severely restricted my book buying I will have to make do with the books I already own, which, thankfully, happens to be quite a lot! My aim for this week is to read at least three of Angela Carter’s books – hopefully a mixture of her fiction, short stories and essays/journalism. I have already kickstarted the week by reading Bluebeard – a small selection of subversive retellings of Charles Perrault’s classic fairytales, which I acquired in the newly refurbished Foyles shop on the Charing Cross Road this weekend! I look forward to reading everyone’s reviews in the upcoming week!

Angela Carter


8 Replies to “Angela Carter Week 8-15 June 2014!”

  1. I like reading chronologically as well but somtimes it’s just not possible.
    Mel u (The Reading Life) reviewed her first short story and I was surprised as I hadn’t heard of it before.

    1. I will have to check that out when I get the chance. I’m not sure I know what Carter’s first short story is either. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I might join in with this one and I’ve got The Bloody Chamber on my kindle waiting to be read!

    (I am desperate to visit the newly refurbished Foyles! Will have to make a trip soon, although it could potentially be dangerous for my book buying)

    1. The Bloody Chamber is great, you should definitely read that when you get the chance and watch the film The Company of Wolves, which is based on Carter’s retelling of Little Red Riding Hood (if you haven’t watched it already)!

      I only had a brief visit to Foyles and it is huge! I need to go back there on my own so I can spend as much time as I please there. There are also loads of events going on this month for the opening so check those out!

      1. I actually ended up at Foyles the night of the official opening with Hilary Mantel so that was pretty cool. Although it was pure coincidence, I was going to the theatre that evening so decided to pop in on my way. Her talk afterwards had been sold out for ages anyway though I think. I was in there probably an hour and I only did the classics/general fiction section! You could probably spend all day in there.

        I’ve just finished The Bloody Chamber and really enjoyed it. I will take your rec for The Company of Wolves and give that a watch! It was one of my favourite stories in the collection.

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