Lindum Books, Lincoln

Lindum Books, 4 Bailgate, Lincoln

As I mentioned in a previous post, Easter Break!, I visited Lincoln for the first time over the long Easter weekend. On the Saturday my dad kindly dropped me off as near to the Cathedral as possible (as my parents house is nowhere near a train station) and what was the first thing I stumbled across? A bookshop, of course!

I stepped into this intriguing little shop, Lindum Books, and was amazed by how beautiful it was. Unlike many bookshops that try to cram in as many books as possible (which I also love), Lindum Books is so attuned to detail – from the intricate paintings on the walls to the careful selection of books on the shelves. They don’t just purchase a great selection of books, such Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, Harper Lee and many others, they pick only the most beautiful editions to adorn their shelves.

I then ventured upstairs and found, to my delight, a couple of rooms full of secondhand books! I don’t think I have ever been into a bookshop before that sells both new and secondhand books. As I was browsing I found a great hardback copy of Jeanette Winterson’s Gut Symmetries. I absolutely love her style of writing from Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit and Why Be Happy Why You Could Be Normal? and I have amassed such a large collection of her books that it felt silly not to purchase it. Described on Jeanette Winterson’s website as ‘a miracle sort of a book’, Gut Symmetries explores themes of human relationships and physics – not necessarily two subjects I would put together.

As I was queuing up to pay for my purchase I saw a display next to the counter which caught me eye – Persephone Books! They were brand new and were being sold for the same price you would get them at the Persephone Bookshop in London (which is surprising because the Waterstones sells them for £14 instead of £12). I couldn’t resist buying one and, as one of the shop-owners saw me hovering over which one to choose, she started to tell me how well they had sold and how she will be ordering many more. I decided on the Journal of Katherine Mansfield, a Persephone I have been wanting to get for a while. The Journal is made up of fragments of diary entries, unposted letters and scraps of writing by the great Katherine Mansfield in the last twelve years of her life.

I also found out that the shop had only just opened that week – it was fate!



6 Replies to “Lindum Books, Lincoln”

  1. Serendipity! How lovely to find such a wonderful shop – and I hope you enjoy the Mansfield journal – it’s such a long time since I read this!

    1. It really was a wonderful bookshop, I will definitely visit again when I am next up in Lincolnshire visiting family. I am really looking forward to getting around to it. I have become more interested in reading non-fiction this year and it is about time I read another Persephone!

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