‘Madame Bovary’ Read Along!

I seem to be a bit late to the party, but the Madame Bovary read along – hosted by CJ at ebookclassics and Juliana at Cedar Station – has gained a lot of interest in fellow bloggers, which makes it an exciting one to be a part of! I read Gustave Flaubert’s masterpiece in my second year of university, when we were studying The Novel, and I absolutely adored it. Flaubert is such a wonderful writer (even in translation) and it has been one of my goals in life to learn French just so I can read Madame Bovary in the original. It is  also on my Classics Club List to re-read, so now is the perfect opportunity to pick it up once again.

The schedule is as follows:

Part One – April 10, 2014

Part Two – April 20, 2014

Part Three – April 30, 2014

Each week Juliana or CJ will host thoughts and discussion questions.

I can’t wait to hear what other people will think of Madame Bovary!


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