Classics Club Spin Fail!

Today is the deadline for posting about our Classics Club Spin result, which was announced two months ago, and I am afraid to say that I completely failed. I was meant to read Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God, which I realised was actually the third (not the second) novel in Achebe’s African Trilogy. This then meant that I had to read No Longer At Ease as well as my Classics Spin. However, as soon as I started reading that I realised I couldn’t really remember much of his most successful and well-known book, Things Fall Apart. By this point I was really not in the mood to read all three books when I had so much more on my shelves I preferred! I would say I feel guilty about not completing my Classics Spin, but the truth is I have read some wonderful books over the past couple of months that I’m not too bothered. I will have to pick my Spin list more carefully next time!


5 Replies to “Classics Club Spin Fail!”

  1. Don’t feel guilty – you can only read what you *want* to read and as long as you’re enjoying it, that’s all that matters!

    1. Yeah there will come a time when I really want to read more of Chinua Achebe, it just wasn’t over the past two months!

  2. Oops I thought tomorrow was the deadline! I am currently finishing off my spin book, Howards End, so hopefully I would have finished it by the deadline I was randomly following instead.

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