Persephone Finds!


Once again, the Oxfam Bookshop I volunteer in has provided me with two beautiful (and in perfect condition) Persephone books. I have no idea who keeps wanting to give away their Persephone’s, but I am forever grateful. My collection is gradually getting bigger and the majority of them are secondhand!

So, this week I found:

  • Miss Buncle Married by DE Stevenson (No.91) – Following on from Miss Buncle’s Book, Persephone No.81, Miss Buncle has married her publisher, Arthur Abbott. They have moved to London, which is where this story begins. This secondhand copy also came with the complimentary bookmark, which was a lovely surprise when I found it hidden between the pages.
  • Patience by John Coates (No.99) – One of the few Persephone books that is written by a man, Patience  tells the story of the eponymous heroine, Patience Gathorne-Galley, who is married with children. Her brother comes to tea one day and informs her that her husband is being unfaithful. However, instead of being upset, Patience is curious to know who would go to bed with her husband out of choice. John Coates novel is described by Persephone as ‘funny, touching and risqué’.

Now that I have quite a few Persephone’s to choose from I am going to have to make more of a start with my Persephone Project.


10 Replies to “Persephone Finds!”

  1. So lucky! More fool the silly person who gave these beauties up. I can’t wait to go to their shop when I am in London Town at the end of the month.

  2. Great!
    I once looked for Persephone books on the net,for they look really great on the shelves!And apparently these are well-deserved gifts for your volunteering at Oxfam!

    And thanks for following. 🙂
    When I checked your blog,as the page was loading,I already knew I would love it as I saw Margaret Atwood’s name on your header.It’s also exciting to know that you’re reading Simon de Beauvoir and Chinua Achebe! 😀

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