Happy International Women’s Day!!


Happy International Women’s Day everyone! I will be spending the day at the Women of the World (WOW) Festival at the Southbank Centre and I can’t wait! There are a host of discussions and debates from Fighting the Neurotrash, Does Page 3 Make the World a Better Place?, Online Bullying, Female Genital Mutilation, Feminism and Privilege, Self Defence Workshops and so much more to choose from. I’m not entirely sure what the schedule will be for myself and my friend yet but I will definitely be writing a blog post about my day soon!


3 Replies to “Happy International Women’s Day!!”

  1. I look forward to your feedback on the festival too! Wish I could have gone, but living vicariously through you is a perfect second best to attendance.

  2. Yasmine,

    The Women of the World Festival sounds wonderful! What a great way to bring women together and stir up discussion about the topics that matter most. Here at USC we are celebrating Women’s History Month and want to invite you to blog about a woman in your life who has inspired you. This is an opportunity to honor an amazing woman in your family, a role model in your community, or a shero from the history books. Everyone who submits a blog will be added to our roundup and the posts that best exemplify the theme of our campaign will be featured on our site! Here is how to participate: http://msw.usc.edu/mswusc-blog/womeninspire-a-womens-history-month-blog-carnival-call-for-submissions/

    Thanks so much and I hope you’ll join us in this #womeninspire campaign!

    MSW@USC Team

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