Kew Gardens: Orchid Festival!


I have been looking forward to going to the Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens since I bought the tickets back in January and for the past week I have been glued to the weather reports, crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t rain today. Not only have I never been to the Orchid Festival before (which runs annually from February through to March), but I have also never been to Kew Gardens and was really anxious to explore the beautiful botanic grounds.

Palm House, Kew Palace, Peacock, Bamboo Garden & Minka House

Founded in 1759, Kew is a world leader in plant science and conservation. Furthermore, it is a stunningly beautiful place – even during winter – only a short tube ride away from central London. Thankfully the weather was wonderful today and I was able to explore Kew leisurely in the sunshine. When the wind got too cold I popped into the Orchid Festival, which is housed in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, and admired the magnificent variety of orchids that were housed there. I had such a lovely day (I took my mum who absolutely loved it!) and I am already envisioning a summer trip to Kew! I also bought myself a handy book on ‘Growing Windowsill Orchids’ by Philip Seaton, so my task for the upcoming months is to buy myself an orchid and try to keep it alive (something I struggle with)!

orchids 2Orchids


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