The Classics Club Spin #5 Result!

The Classics Club Spin #5 has been announced and the lucky number is: 20!

This means I will be reading Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God (1964) in the next couple of months – though I will need to buy it first! Sadly, Chinua Achebe died last year, aged 82, but I now have the perfect opportunity to explore more of his work. However, as I was looking up Arrow of God I realised that it forms part of a loose trilogy, with Things Fall Apart and No Longer at Ease as the first two books. I have read his first novel, Things Fall Apart (I studied it at university), but I have no idea just how connected this ‘trilogy’ is. I think I will have to set myself the challenge of reading both No Longer at Ease and Arrow of God for my Classics Club Spin (I should have researched my list more!).

Regardless of this, I am still extremely excited to read more of Chinua Achebe and can’t wait to start!

‘Imaginative literature […] does not enslave; it liberates the mind of man. Its truth is not like the canons of orthodoxy or the irrationality of prejudice and superstition. It begins as an adventure in self-discovery and ends in wisdom and humane conscience’.

Chinua Achebe


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