Book Finds and Revised Resolutions!


I fully intended not to buy any books for the fist three months of 2014 so I could try and cut down my TBR pile but I could not resist a second hand Folio Society edition of All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. I found this beautiful book at the bookshop I volunteer at on Tuesdays and had to get it before anyone else. Although I have already got a copy and absolutely love the novel, it is the centenary year of the First World War so it seemed only fitting to purchase it. Founded in 1947, The Folio Society publishes books that are not only outstanding to read but also outstanding to look at. This Folio Society edition is beautifully bound in a barbed wire design with lithographs by Charles Keeping dotted throughout the text.


So, I think I will slightly revise my New Year’s resolution (which is perfectly acceptable in the first couple of weeks of January, isn’t it?). Although I didn’t exactly state that I wasn’t going to buy any books, for me it was insinuated by the fact that I was only going to read books from my TBR pile for the first three months. However, when opportunities such as second hand Folio Society (or Persephone) books come up I will allow myself to buy them without any feelings of guilt. I also want to explore more bookshops in London and can’t travel to different bookshops without treating myself to at least one new book. I will refrain from reading them until April though!



6 Replies to “Book Finds and Revised Resolutions!”

  1. That’s a lovely find Yasmine, and I think you should definitely allow yourself flexibility – although you might have made a decision not to actively go out and look for and buy books, if a special book or a bargain comes your way it would be silly to turn it down!

  2. I’m trying to reduce my TBR pile too but my sister Mary always gives me a beautiful book for Christmas and this year she gave me the Penguin Threads edition of Wind in the Willows, one of my favourite books. You can’t have too many beautiful books!

    1. Those Penguin Threads editions look beautiful! All I keep finding are just more wonderful books to add to my wish list, I don’t think I will ever cut down my TBR pile completely!

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