The Classics Club Spin #4: Result!

The Classics Club Spin #4 was announced earlier today and the result is: 10!

I saw the Classics Spin number before I had a chance to access my own blog (for some reason I couldn’t get the WordPress app on my phone to work properly) and I had convinced myself all day that I had listed the books I was looking forward  to reading before the books I was dreading in the list of twenty I had chosen from my Classics Club List. But that was, sadly, not the case.

My November-December read will be Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, which was first published in 1955. Although it was under my list of five books I was dreading, it has been on my book-shelf for an extremely long time and I have always wanted to read it. I think what has been putting me off over the years is the controversial subject matter in the novel, however, I look forward to this challenge over the next month and a half!


3 Replies to “The Classics Club Spin #4: Result!”

  1. I read Lolita earlier this year and really appreciated it. Difficult subject matter aside, the writing is gorgeous and the characterization is masterful. It’s a masterpiece of psychological portraiture with a classic unreliable narrator. I hope you enjoy your read!

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