Secondhand Finds!


As the bookshop I volunteer at is also near the Halcyon Bookshop in Greenwich, which I mentioned in a previous post, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy books for £1! This week I have managed to find two books that I have listed on my Classics Club List so it wasn’t a complete waste of money (if I consider the never-ending pile of books on my shelf that I still have yet to read).

This week I have found four wonderful books to add to my collection:

  • Claudine at School by Colette – I admit that I haven’t read the first book I bought of Collete’s a few weeks back, The Vagabond, but I find the Penguin covers so beautiful that I can’t resist. Claudine at School tells the story of Claudine’s last year in a country school and explores her growing adolescence in great detail.
  • The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West – the history of the First World War has been on the minds of many people this week due to the 95th anniversary of the Armistice declaring peace. West’s novel, a woman’s war novel, explores the very realistic and heart-wrenching story of a man who comes back from the war with shell shock.
  • Out of Africa by Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) – this is number 13 on my post-1900 list for The Classics Club. Out of Africa is a memoir that describes Blixen’s experiences of living in Kenya for seventeen years.
  • Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky – number 11 on my 1800s list for The Classics Club, Crime and Punishment is a masterpiece of Russian literature. It tells the story of one man’s unjustifiable actions towards another human being and his subsequent feelings of alienation. Although written in 1866, Dostoyevsky’s work stands as the antecedent to the great twentieth-century writers of alienation, such as Albert Camus and Samuel Beckett (who also happen to be on my Classics List).

I did make one faux pas, though, with my book buying this week. As I seem to be acquiring books more quickly than I can read or keep track of, I was searching through my shelves for my copy of Wuthering Heights (which I plan to re-read sometime this winter) and I found that I had already bought The Return of the Soldier  by Rebecca West before!



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