Tales on Moon Lane Children’s Bookshop!


I had the day off today and decided to visit an independent bookshop I have been meaning to get to for a while. I have a little niece and nephew and really wanted to find some beautiful, unique books to get them for Christmas (I know it’s early but I am attempting to be organised this year!).

Tales on Moon Lane is a children’s bookshop in Herne Hill, South East London. A few months ago a number of the shops on Half Moon Lane were unfortunately flooded by a burst water main and Tales on Moon Lane only recently re-opened last weekend – just in time for Christmas.


It was such a wonderful, quaint bookshop – one that I wish I had lived near when I was growing up. As soon as I saw the shop I was blown away and mesmerised by the store front. The Christmas display was beautiful and has really got me into the Christmas spirit! The inside was just as magical as the outside. I can imagine my younger self spending hours browsing and choosing books to read.

Tales on Moon Lane specialises in children’s books from ages 0 to teenage and young adult books. I loved the wide variety of children’s classics that abounded in the store. I saw a lovely illustrated edition of The Hobbit that I was tempted to buy, though I will have to wait a few years before my niece is old enough to read J. R. R Tolkien. But I can’t wait to get my niece and nephew into the same books I was interested in as a kid and which inspired me to read more. Visiting Tales on Moon Lane was like re-visiting my childhood – I had a lovely, nostalgia-filled day picking out books for others to enjoy!


I also got this cloth bag to put my books in and some free sweets! I will definitely be taking my niece there sometime in the new year, she will love it!


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