Secondhand Finds!


I just couldn’t resist some of books I found this week at the bookshop, despite the fact that I already have one of them on my Kindle!

So, here are my book finds:

  • Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler – a story of a woman who walks away from her family, I don’t think this has been explored enough in literature and is an interesting topic for debate.
  • The End of the Affair by Graham Greene – set around the Second World War, Greene’s novel is about a man who hires a private detective to find out the cause of his failed love affair. This also happens to be on my Classics Club List.
  • Geore Eliot by R. T. Jones – only 50p I thought this book was a bargain. R. T. Jones was a Senior Lecturer in English at the University of York and his book gives useful introductions to the novels of George Eliot. I have one of Eliot’s novels, The Mill on the Floss, in my Classics Club List so this will be the perfect accompaniment.

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