Secondhand Finds!

I have really had to start limiting myself to the number of books I buy. My TBR pile is taking over a number of shelves on my bookcase and I have not been reading as much as I would like (mainly because I have been in a bit of a book slump lately). So, this week I forced myself to only buy one book from the bookshop I volunteer at – although I could have bought about four or five!


The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul (originally called A Cup of Friendship: A Novel) by Deborah Rodriguez, tells the story of five diverse and different women living in one of the most dangerous and war-torn areas of the world – Kabul in Afghanistan. Rodriguez, herself, is a very interesting figure. She took up hairdressing as a means to fund her studies and took this trade to Afghanistan, after the fall of the Taliban, where she set up a beauty school in Kabul. I am intrigued by her story and look forward to reading her newest novel (though it was released back in 2011) The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul. I’m hoping it will be a heart-warming and uplifting tale of friendship and female empowerment.


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