Brighton Book Finds!

I realise I have been a bit slack this month with my blog posts. To be honest I have been so busy with this TESOL course that I haven’t had time to read, let alone blog! However, as soon as the next two weeks are over I will be back to my old ways! I can’t wait!

A couple of weeks ago now I went down to Brighton to meet up with some old friends from university. I couldn’t resist going into one of the secondhand bookshops whilst I was there to see if I could find any great bargains. Of course, I was able to come back with something (four books to be precise):


  • The World and Other Places by Jeanette Winterson – a collection of short stories by one of my favourite authors.
  • Novel on Yellow Paper by Stevie Smith – Smith’s first novel, published in 1936, is a semi-fictionalised account of her life. I was interested to learn more about her as I have never heard or read any of her work before and I was fascinated to learn that she was very close to the author George Orwell (there were rumours that they may have seen each other whilst he was married to his first wife).
  • The Blood of Others by Simone de Beauvoir – I studied parts of De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex at university and it has been on my list to read all of such an influential and important feminist text. The Blood of Others is a fiction piece about the French resistance to the German forces during the Second World War. I am intrigued to see what De Beauvoir’s fiction is like compared to her essays.
  • Winter Hunger by Ann Tracy – I saw the front cover of this book and knew that I instantly had to buy it. There was a quote by Margaret Atwood which says: ‘The Windigo, a focus of horror and spiritual dismay, is used by Ann Tracy for subversive and often hilarious purposes’. I have no idea what a Windigo is but I trust Atwood’s opinion that this is a book worth reading. As a fellow Canadian writer, Tracy appears to be  interested in the Canadian landscape and wildlife, which reminded me of Atwood’s Surfacing – one of my favourite books by the author.

I look forward to getting round to reading these books soon and to rejoining the blogging world (in two weeks)!


One Reply to “Brighton Book Finds!”

  1. What lovely finds Yasmine! I am very fond of Stevie Smith so I hope you enjoy your Virago copy! As for “The Blood of Others” – it’s a long time since I read it so I’m vague on specifics, but I know what I loved it and considered it her best novel (though I have read “The Mandarins” more recently and that was superb too). I always felt “Blood” reflected the concept of existentialism much better than Sarte’s work, and it was a damn good read too! You’re lucky to be reading it for the first time.

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