Foreshadowing the Next Four Weeks!


I start my one month intensive CertTESOL course on Monday – accredited by Trinity University London, it will enable me to teach English to speakers of other languages – and in preparation I have had to be super-organised with my time. I have no idea just how all-consming this course will be and I don’t want to fall behind on my blog (as I have only just started it!), so this is my attempt to ‘plan’ the next four weeks!

So, as well as the bulky pile of English grammar books I will be ploughing my way through (and, thankfully, there will be no reviews on these), I am planning to try and fit in some fiction to read. Along with The Book Thief Read Along I am taking part in (head on over to Suey’s blog, It’s All About Books, for more information), I think this will be the perfect opportunity to explore some of the short story and anthology collections I have had sitting on my shelf for a while.


Here are just a few of the books I have in mind to read over the upcoming weeks:

  • Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan – published in 1954, when Sagan was only 18 years old, Bonjour Tristesse scandalised 1950s France by recounting the story of 17 year old Cecile who rejects traditional notions of love and marriage in order to choose her own sexual freedom.
  • Shadows on the Grass by Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) – I read Dinesen’s short story ‘The Blank Page‘ at university and absolutely loved the alternative ways of looking at, and retelling, the female story. The idea of the the blank sheet representing silence and the refusal to participate in phallocentric speech was extremely thought-provoking. However, the stories in Shadows on the Grass (1960) draw on her experiences of living in East Africa, as does her most well-known novel, Out of Africa, which has been made into a film.
  • Wayward Girls and Wicked Women, edited by Angela Carter – this anthology is a collection of short stories written by women about women. With more stories by writers I am unfamiliar with, rather than familiar, this proves to be a very interesting read on the subversion of female stereotype.

I also have a review coming up of Angela Carter’s Shadow Dance, it is about time I make a start on my Carter Project, and a review of the film adaptation of Julia Strachey’s Cheerful Weather for the Wedding (you can read my review of the book here).

So hopefully I will have a number of interesting things appearing on this blog throughout the next four weeks, despite my increasingly busy schedule. Though, thankfully, this is only temporary!


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