Secondhand Finds!


This week at my secondhand bookshop I managed to find some books to add to my three current reading projects:

Angela Carter Project

  • Fireworks: Nine Profane Pieces (1974) by Angela Carter – an anthology of short stories, some of which based on Carter’s own experience of living in Japan from 1969-1971. Apparently this work marks the point in her writing career where feminism becomes a much more focal and central theme. As she states in Nothing Sacred: Selected Writings, ‘In Japan I learnt what it is to be a woman and became radicalised’.

Margaret Atwood Project

  • Moral Disorder (2006) by Margaret Atwood – taken from the title of Graeme Gibson’s book when he decided to give up writing, Moral Disorder is a series of short, connected stories spanning 60 years in the life of a Canadian family. Each story has the same female protagonist at different points in her life.

Persephone Project

  • Dimanche and Other Stories by Irene Nemirovsky – A collection of beautifully polished short stories from the author who, born in Tsarist Russia, escaped to France after the Russian Revolution. She has since established herself to be one of France’s most famous writers.
  • The Victorian Chaise-Longue by Marghanita Laski – another book published by Persephone, however my version is an old Penguin copy.

I also bought a wonderful little French book, The Vagabond, by Colette. I spent the past year trying to learn French at my local community college in the evenings as I loved some of the French authors on my course, such as Gustave Flaubert and Andre Breton. It would be amazing to be able to read these works in French but I am a long way off that right now (maybe one day though!). Colette, best known for her novel, Gigi, of which there has been a stage and film musical, was a controversial figure in her time. Writing in the early twentieth century, she was unashamedly fierce and courageous for her time.



2 Replies to “Secondhand Finds!”

  1. What lovely book finds! Particularly the Persephone, as they’re quite rare second hand. I love the Colette books, and most of my editions are in that particular Penguin edition style which I think are beautiful – she’s one of my favourite writers.

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