‘The Book Thief’ Read Along

Hosted by Read This Instead, Kami’s Library Thoughts and It’s All About Books!

It seems like fate that I have stumbled across The Book Thief Read Along. Only last week one of my friends, whose taste in books I hold in high esteem, was telling me how good it was. It is also being released as a film in November, which I never realised until now, and I tend to only find these things out when their release is imminently due (for example, Life of Pi!).

I bought The Book Thief from the secondhand bookshop I volunteer at and it has since been gathering dust on my bookshelf, so now would be the perfect time to not only read a book before watching the film, but to also join in on my first ever read along! I am sort of familiar with the idea, having seen them on blogs I have been following, and it will be a great experience to actively participate in one to see if I enjoy reading in this way.

So, the schedule is as follows (and I will try my hardest to stick to these):

September 1: Start reading The Book Thief!

September 10: Read parts 1-3, first discussion will be held on Suey’s blog!

September 20: Read parts 4-6, second discussion will be held on Kami’s blog!

September 30: Read parts 7-10, third and final discussion will be held on Kathy’s blog!


To everyone joining in, happy read along! And for those of you who want to join in, head on over to Suey’s blog, It’s All About Books, to sign up!


3 Replies to “‘The Book Thief’ Read Along”

  1. Good luck with the readalong! This is a wonderful book – I don’t find that a lot of modern writing gets along with me, but I loved The Book Thief and if I hadn’t already read it I would be joining in. Enjoy!

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